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Privacy Policy

Privacy & Data Collection Policies

Data Collected by Web-Kare

Web-Kare collects data via our website forms. Information on these forms is supplied by the individual and is used to converse with that person to address their inquiry. This voluntarily supplied information will be kept for a year or less if the inquiry does not result in a sale, or for as long as the company remains a client. Web-Kare does not collect personal data, only contact information for a company owner or employee for the sole purpose of doing business with that company.

About Cookies

Web-Kare's website uses cookies to track visitor interaction with the website. Primarily it is used to understand how visitors respond to the website information. The use of cookies is to create a website that is of value to our website visitors. We also use Visual Visitor and CMS software to identify companies that are visiting our website. This information is not sold or shared with any other company outside of Web-Kare.

Data Sharing

No data collected is ever sold or shared to other parties for the purpose of contacting or soliciting. Third party companies that have access to your information, but do not use it, include services that we resell such as SharpSpring CRM, FormSmarts, and Visual Visitor. None of these third-party services will contact any of our prospects or clients directly without specific permission from Web-Kare and Web-Kare would request that permission from our client first (usually as a technical support issue). None of these third-party companies have permission from Web-Kare to share or sell our customer/prospect data and all have declared themselves to be GDPR compliant.

Clients' Data

In some cases, Web-Kare receives copies of our clients' online forms when they are completed. This information is used solely for reporting numbers back to our clients as part of the services being offered by Web-Kare. It also allows us to review the type of inquiries to ensure that our marketing is on target. While this information is never shared or sold to anyone, the form data may be collected by third parties (as indicated above) that are providing the form processing service. All parties that we use do not resell or share data collected. The data collected is solely for the convenience of the client so that we can supply them with a .csv file of inquiries when requested. Any client can opt out of this feature by simply notifying Web-Kare that they would prefer to do so. This request can be made at any time.