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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Here are the questions asked most often about CRM programs. If your question isn't here, please use the form on this page to ask your question and we will respond.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management but you may also have heard of it as Marketing Automation. It integrates your sales leads and existing customers with your marketing program. Its’ a contact management system on steroids.

Let’s start with a new lead. A website visitor comes to your site and completes an on-line form. That information posts to the CRM and notifies your salesperson. In some scenarios, the new lead can receive a number of automated responses to their form submission, such as a custom response email, or a product brochure. Each new lead is then automatically assigned a “score”. The lead is scored based on several factors that you can customize within your system. High scores will be flagged as a priority over low scores. Now that the lead is in your system, they’ve officially entered your sales funnel. From here you can send out “Smart Mail” or just give them a call. Your sales staff can contact the lead at anytime now and try to close the deal.

Yes, you can. As long as your existing customer list can be exported into a CSV (Comma Separated Value) or something similar we can import your existing customer list. The only requirement for importing customers is that you have their email address. Customers without email addresses will not be able to be imported.

No. For most systems, the answer would be “yes” and often requires special training. At Web-Kare, however, we do the work for you. You tell us how you want your system to run and we will set it up to work the way you want. We can even suggest ways that may improve your process.

Web-Kare is still here for you and can make those changes for you. We’re also available for any support that you may need in using the system.

Our system is one of the most economical CRM platforms around. Unlike other systems that charge you per user, our system allows you to have an unlimited number of users. The only up-charge would be if you want more than 5 employees to have email syncing enabled with the system then there is a small fee for each additional email account to be synced.

No, the fee is actually a monthly fee for the subscription and a quarterly fee for Web-Kare's training, maintenance, and setup. You can cancel at any time, however.

Some marketing campaigns that can be run within this system include:

  • Email marketing to existing clients and/or prospective clients.
  • Custom landing pages that you can build yourself or ask Web-Kare to build for you.
  • Drip campaigns that send prospective customer through the sales funnel depending on their action or inaction.
  • Website visitor identification that can flag you when a known prospect is visiting your website.
  • The ability to upload your own media: PDF files, video, and more and have it available to send.

Absolutely, We’d love to schedule a demo for you and discuss your specific needs for a system like this. Call 877-351-1769 Ext.100 to schedule an appointment.

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