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Proven Marketing Results

Web-Kare develops custom marketing programs that fits your needs. We give your website visibility to potential buyers searching for your product and services along with the tools to convert leads into sales. Combined with an optimized web presence, we promote your industrial company to a targeted audience.

We offer varied programs from just search marketing to a full suite of services that include visitor tracking, conversion and automated marketing. We tailor a program to fit your company size and budget.

Results Matter

Our services have one goal in mind: to give you new business opportunities to grow your bottom line.

We measure our success based on the growth and success of our clients’ businesses. Each marketing program is customized to target buyers looking for your service or product. Our design services are aimed to capture the attention of your audience. These efforts are to deliver high quality prospects and produce results.

Marketing Results

Four Major Pieces of the Marketing Matrix

Marketing is comprised of several components: visibility, tracking, awareness and sales. Each component is a vital part of a successful marketing initiative. Your audience needs to be able to find your website and you need to know how many are finding it and what happens after they visit in order to precisely target your audience. The sales team needs to be able to follow-up on the leads generated by your marketing program or there would be no point in marketing at all.


Your website can be in the top 3 search results on Google, Bing & Yahoo. Strategic planning can position your website for the keyword phrases that are most apt to convert to a sale. Web-Kare strategically selects keyword phrases and bids to get you the maximum R.O.I. for your budget.

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Visitor Tracking

Website visitor tracking can send you alerts when high profile companies are viewing your website. You can see how they got to your website, what pages they viewed, how long they stayed and more. This information will let you know if your marketing efforts are on target.

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Social Media

Not all social media is for every business, but used judiciously, it can expand your branding, promote your product, and build a following. There are opportunities beyond Facebook, Linked-in and Twitter that may provide a better audience for your products or services.

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CRM Follow-Up

Customer Relation Management programs can help you automate your prospect contacts, rep assignment and help you manage your sales leads so that none of them fall through the cracks. It provides you an overview of each lead stage and can prompt reminders for follow-up.

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